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About Us


Legrand Acquisition

Since the 20th December 2018, TRICAL Limited is now part of Legrand Australia PTY Limited.

Solutions from TRICAL are complementary to Legrand Australia & New Zealand in both commercial and residential activities, and will boost its power & protection presence.

Legrand Australia & New Zealand are part of the Legrand Group, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Innovation is the foundation of our business and our brands reflect our passion and commitment to providing the very best products for you. 4 respected and industry leading brands including: Teubel, Signet, Gael and ETL. With a technical approach, where confidence and trust in supply and design is critical to the success of a project, we deliver a well-engineered product, on time, to budget and with friendly and support service expertise.

We’re also extremely proud to be NZ Made.